OXYVITA Inc. is a biotech company specializing in developing oxygen therapeutics and biomedical products utilizing our proprietary Zero-Link™ hemoglobin polymerization process.

OxyVita is a polymerized stroma free hemoglobin. This polymeric hemoglobin solution, which is clinically useful as a blood substitute due to its oxygen carrying function, can dramatically reduce the need for blood donated by human donors and significantly reduce the risks associated with blood transfusions.

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Changing Transfusion Medicine 180 Degrees

Novel Polymer

OxyVita is based on a Novel polymerization technology that yields a nano size polymer of hemoglobin. This permits the product to deliver oxygen to where it is needed, in microcirculation, for most effective oxygenation.

Extended Shelf Life

The unique construction of the polymer allows for an extremely stable molecule, which grants a shelf life of over a year at room temperature

No Blood Type

With no cellular components, the traditional blood type does not exist with OxyVita. This allows for faster, cheaper administration, and a significant reduction of possible side effects.

Publication List

Through 17 years of development, the extensive publication list is available below

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What exactly is it?

Brief summary of the OxyVita technology and approach to blood science

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